Cojimar Downtown Project.


This site is located in the northeast of Havana. It is develop by the coast, and near at the mouth of the Cojimar River. Because of this, it is mostly inhabited by fishermen and their families, that’s why there is a rich tradition in fishing and marling. In recent years an increasing number of artists, and people from other places of Havana, have decided to move to this area, since the calm and quietness prevails. Hence, Cojimar is the leading area, in Havana, of the Enrst Hemingway Marlin Tournament Fishing, so the concept was to enhance the public urban space so this tournament, the sailing competitions, and other activities held in the site can be done with quality. It was also important enhancing the green, so the inclusion of palm trees, grass and coastal vegetation can be seen in the project. The design goes from the public urban spaces, the furniture system, and artistic samples in differents areas. Total area- 3000sqm. (approximately).

Cojímar Downtown. Havana. Public commission.
Public spaces, street furniture system, sustainability, public commission.